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Photography & Virtual Tours

Besides an overall better look and “feel”, professional photos avoid the following common mistakes seen in most real estate photos: 1) Overexposed or “blown out” windows. 2). Wrong lens..either not using a wide angle lens (which is usually needed), or using too wide of a lens resulting in distorted rooms. 3) Poor lighting- Dark, dismal images. 4) Uneven lighting- advanced lighting techniques needed to ensure large rooms or rooms with large windows get enough lighting throughout. 5) Converging verticals – fancy term for the vertical elements in a photo (walls, cabinets, etc) are not straight. 5) Flat images- Having a flash on a camera results in “flat” light and “flat” images. We use off camera flash when needed. 6) Improper white balance- Different light sources (sun, tungsten, fluorescent all give off different colors and must be compensated for to ensure room colors are accurate. 7) Poor composition- not enough of the room or the wrong parts of the room showing.  8) No post processing- It is virtually impossible to get a professional looking image ‘in’ camera.

You can schedule shoots using our online booking form here.  Please book at least 2 days in advance when possible, especially in the summer season where our schedule fills up quickly.

Photography and virtual tours are available for download within 24/48 BUSINESS DAYS after the shoot.

After the shoot and once post production is completed, we will send you a gallery link via email to view your media, make payment and download.

Exterior photos taken right at dusk provide great balance of interior window light with exterior sunlight providing for truly exceptional photos. Twilight shoots are priced at 125 Euros If you think you may be interested in a twilight shoot, place a booking as soon as you can as evening time slots tend to book up quickly.

Most of the time yes. In fact, we keep a photo database of neighbourhood amenities for many communities. Please provide us a list of those areas you would like included.  Note: we can not photograph schools or parks if children would be present in the photos.

Sure! We can re-shoot front exteriors if requested by client. This qualifies for a Euros 20 return trip rate in which we’ll come and re-shoot photos of the exterior.  

In most cases we can get around bad weather days with Ai post-processing techniques. This seamlessly can replace overcast skies and relight exteriors to match.  

Photographers are available seven days a week if needed. 

We realize we are only as good as our reputation, so there is nothing we take more seriously than the satisfaction of our clients (both homeowners and real estate agents).  We will do everything within our power to address and rectify your concerns. Thankfully, our clients are overwhelmingly very happy, but if dissatisfaction occurs, rest assured, we will make things right.

The most important thing is to make sure the house is clean and de-cluttered. We may turn on lights or open or close blinds, but we ARE NOT STAGERS or CLEANERS. It is your responsibility as an agent, to have the house prepared for the photo shoot. We recommend that you meet with your seller prior to the photo shoot to make sure your seller has prepared the house. That said, we know you can only prod your sellers so much to clean and de-clutter so we are used to working in a wide variety of conditions and will do our best regardless of  condition to present the house in it’s best light.

We shoot in ultra high 110 – 42 megapixels resolution. Images these sizes are generally only used for a billboard advertising. However you can choose from your download page  various resolutions optimised for print, emails or Facebook etc. 

We have invested in over 50k Euros on top of the line cameras and lenses to ensure the highest quality images possible. Mainly we shoot in medium format which have a magical POP over full-frame cameras.

For 3D virtual tours we use Matterport Pro2 cameras – this a specialist camera, and the market-leader for super sharp virtual tours.

We create a dedicated online gallery for all your media. Easily accessible on any computer, mobile device or tablet. One button click and you’ll start downloading.

This depends on the package you choose. We naturally photograph every room, aspect and feature of the property and select the best images for post-production. 

Matterport Showcase goes far beyond your standard 360 tour. It’s the most realistic, immersive way to experience a property online and enables viewers to feel like they’re really there

Dollhouse view is the most iconic way to look at a Matterport space. There is simply no better way to get a quick and holistic overview of a space than looking at it from a bird’s eye perspective.

We offer 3 months FREE hosting with each Matterport tour. If your property hasn’t sold by then, you will be charge just 2.00 euros /mo per property or we can archive it for free.  

Virtual Agent is our new game changing platform which allows our clients a way to show properties and conduct guided walkthroughs as a ‘Virtual Agent’ without having to be physically there!

Nope, you can add as many projects as you’d like and gain access to unlimited content with our Professional or Business workspace package.

No, the platform runs in any web browser, be it on your desktop, tablet, or mobile. We recommend Chrome or Safari, but it also works with Edge, Firefox, and other browsers as well.

It operates entirely inside of your web browser. No downloads or software is required.